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At Enigma HQ’s new Downtown location, we’re now offering Virtual Reality experiences and games including our own VR escape room, De-composed!

Games and Experiences:

De-Composed, a Virtual Reality Escape Room. Escape the disturbing estate house of deceased composer, Hans Komisch! 2-6 players, you work together to gather clues and solve puzzles just like a regular escape but it’s in Virtual Reality!


Ritchie’s Plank Experience. It’s scary and it’s free. Don’t believe me? Watch this video of my dad. He doesn’t know it’s on here.


Everest VR. Climb the world’s most famous mountain. Can you survive the climb?


Serious Sam The Last Hope. Have you ever wanted to fight Mental's alien hordes with your own two hands?


Job Simulator. Much more fun than the title suggests!


Skyfront VR. Blow up to 9 of your friends in 3-dimensional zero-gravity battles!


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. You have the bomb. Your friends have the bomb defusing instructions. What can go wrong?


Arizona Sunshine. Your team of up to 4 versus hordes of zombies.


Cloudlands Mini-Golf. Up to 4 people can play the craziest mini-golf courses imaginable!

We’re currently offering free Ritchie’s Plank Experience, because we’re sure you’ll love it. Or at least your friends and family laughing at you will.

Pricing: $25 per hour. $15 per 1/2 hour. $10 per 15 minutes.