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Team Building & Parties

The boss approved a teambuilding event, but you're tired of doing that same "trust" exercise where you fall into Phil's arms yet again? You've come to the right place! 

Played by companies such as:

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Team building

Enigma HQ is the perfect way to bond in a goal-oriented environment. We have many different games and experiences and can accommodate up to 50 people in our Downtown location and 16 in Little Italy.


team vs team

Our room is duplicated into two physical spaces next to each other. This allows larger groups to split into 2 groups to compete against each other for the fastest time. This is available at both locations. For more information call our Downtown location at 619-892-7998 for more information or to set up a booking.


Special occasions

Enigma HQ is a great option for special occasions, whether it be a bachelorette or bachelor party, birthday, or really any get-together. Bring your friends or family, and we'll provide the intrigue.