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Our Downtown location offers a Virtual Reality Escape Room, De-Composed as well as VR games and experiences!

Located in the Cortez Hill area of Downtown (so yeah you can find parking), we feature a Virtual Reality Escape Room called De-composed, the first in San Diego. We also currently offer Virtual Reality games and experiences. Climb Mount Everest, Shoot Zombies in the Arizona Sunshine, or play the craziest round of Mini-Golf ever! Open every day and walk-ins are always welcome!

We accept walk-ins! If you want to make a VR booking though, you can do so by calling us at 619-892-7998. VR Escape Room bookings can be made by clicking here and then the Downtown button!

We have up to 11 VR stations, so De-Composed, our VR escape room can be booked team vs team as well.

We currently offer free demos of Virtual Reality as well as our VR Escape Room, De-Composed AND our brand new Team vs Team game, The Vault, currently in Beta testing. Stop on by and check it out!

Our lounge has a variety of classic video games and consoles for play as well!

We offer a curated list of our favorite Virtual Reality experiences and games but we have access to just about any title out there. If you have a special request, let us know and we’ll find it for you!

Pricing: Our VR escape room, De-composed is $30 a person every day. VR stations are $25 an hour, $15 for a half an hour and $10 for fifteen minutes.


Enigma HQ Downtown Entertainment Center is located at 1281 9th Ave San Diego CA 92101 at the NW corner of the Vantage Pointe Apartment Building
Phone: 619-892-7998