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Enigma HQ Manifesto

1. All the puzzles will make sense. There is no "OMG, this blue light flashlight illuminates the code to the safe by flashing it on the bottom of this Backstreet Boys Lunch Box."

2. The Escape rooms (missions) will have a story, and the puzzles will integrate into that story. There is no "Welcome to the Sherlock room. You see the magnifying glass, Deerstalker hat and a folded up Peacoat? That's why! Yeah the decorations otherwise suggest no Sherlock. The puzzles suggest no Holmes. But it's the Sherlock room!" You know what? No it isn't and this Mycroft ain't down with that.

3. You will affect the Escape Room. You won't affect the room by unlocking safes and Masterlocks. We have much bigger transformations in store for you, and we promise these won't break rules 1 and 2! 

4. Hints are free and tailored to your group. Only thing we hate more than a hint limit is paying for hints. And don't get us started on hosts who don't know the difference between giving a solution and a hint!

5. There is a grander story and world at work which all the missions integrate into. We only have one room open but trust us on this. Much more to come. For now, check out an ongoing weekly story written by David Smith called "Rise of the Labyrinth".

6. We put our hearts and minds into our Escape Room. We aren't looking for a cash grab. We didn't open up with a tiny budget hoping to catch a "fad". Escape rooms shouldn't be just one thing and it's our goal to provide a different experience, an experience that other escape rooms, even the really fun ones, aren't giving.

7. You won't share the room with strangers and we won't pack 12 people into the room. We're sure you could have fun in large groups with strangers, but we would break about 4 rules on this list if we did.

If you made it this far, we appreciate it! Now click this little button down here so we can keep the lights on!