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+ What an Escape Room?

In each Escape Room Mission, you and your team have one hour to complete your objectives in a story-driven environment where your actions change the world around you. This involves finding clues, making deductions, following the story and doing puzzles.
Inspired by the original escape rooms, Enigma HQ takes escape rooms to another world, involving story-based puzzles, cinematic video and effects along with immersive physical environments.

+ How much is it?

Can be as low as $25 a person. We have a sliding scale based on the number of people. More people, less per person. Here's the booking page. Click the number of participants at the top to get pricing for your group. Pricing is discounted on Wednesday and Thursday.

+ I don't know how many people I will have in my group.

No problem. We advise you to reserve the slot for the minimum number of people in your party. This way you can make sure that you keep the time slot you want. You can always show up with more people up to the maximum of the room (6 or 8 depending) and then pay the difference when you arrive.

+ Are we locked into a room?

Nope. There's a mission hanging in the balance. If you wanna wuss out and leave, we won't stop ya. But our feelings might get hurt.

+ Do I share the room with strangers?

No. Anytime you book at Enigma HQ, you'll have the room to yourself.

+ When can I play?

Here's a link to our schedule. If you are looking for a booking in the next 24 hours or a booking on Monday or Tuesday, first check availability in our schedule and if you don't see any please call us at 619-431-5321 or email us at We can frequently find room for last minute bookings.

+ How hard is this?

The Lazarus Crystal mission is meant to be challenging. Teams with more people are generally stronger due to their size, however we make a few tweaks for smaller groups. For groups of any size, our operations team provides clues as needed throughout the mission.

+ How long does this take?

The missions are an hour in length, with a short briefing before and de-briefing after. Expect around 70-75 minutes in total.

+ What is the maximum number of people?

We have two Lazarus Crystal rooms currently which hold 6 and 8 people in them. You can also book thesetwo rooms at the same time to "race" against another team for bragging rights. Call 619-431-5321 or write us at for information about this option.

+ Can children come?

Yes. Remember though, that the missions are designed for adults and the puzzles may be difficult for those too young for high school. We recommend 13 and up. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

+ Is this scary?

No. Well, if you got scared by the Harry Potter novels, then maybe, but we don't think so.

+ Where can we park?

Plenty of street parking and nearby lots.

+ Can I bring my dog or a pet? How about a baby?

No, sorry. If you have a service animal, please let us know in advance of your scheduled mission, and we can talk it over.

+ Any cool places to eat or drink nearby?

Oh many - we are after all, between downtown and Little Italy. Heck, we have Extraordinary Deserts a block away!

+ Any Tips? Helpful hints?

Of course!

Just like my therapist tells me, communication is key. Share all the clues you have found. Work together to solve puzzles. Bring a positive energy, man.
Follow the rules. Our trained professionals will give you the low-down once you are here. Magic and electronics don't always mix, so keep your cell phones and electronics off while on your mission.
Don't show up drunk or on drugs! We can and will refuse to let you on a mission if you appear to be under the influence. This stuff is serious.
Get here early. You will need a quick briefing before you go on your mission and you don't want to be rushed. We have to start the mission on time, so it is essential that you show up … on time! If you don't, you may lose your mission time and there are no refunds or exchanges for extreme tardiness.