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VR Spotlight on: Skyfront

One of the cool things about Virtual Reality is that by using your vision as an input device, it enables experiences and games that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Take the VR game, Skyfront. In it, you are moving around in 3-dimensional space, shooting at your friends, or working with them to defeat another group. While you could have a game moving around in 3 dimensions before, it would have felt radically different from Skyfront. This is because you can be moving one, direction, looking another, while shooting in a third. This small different makes a big difference in gameplay!

skyfront 2.jpg

Skyfront can handle up to 10 people which is pretty amazing. There aren’t very many games out there that can handle that many simultaneous players. It makes it a great option for a large group who all want to play at the same time.

At Enigma HQ, we have 11 stations so it’s possible to have all 10 people playing at the same time. Skyfront is one of the new titles appearing in Virtual Reality that are expanding what is possible in the gaming world. Grab a few friends (or enemies) and give it a try today!