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VR Spotlight On: Everest

Every Friday we here at Enigma HQ look at one of our favorite Virtual Reality titles. This week we take a look at Everest.

Gaming’s history is full of games made for teenage boys. This demographic expanded over the years, but the stereotype of a lone hormonal boy shooting aliens and saving the girl is the one many people think of when they think of playing games.

As technology changed, gaming did as well. Mobile gaming brought completely different types of titles as well as new demographics. This continued with Virtual Reality.

Everest is almost not even a game. It’s a simulation of different parts of climbing the mountain. The simulated parts are interesting, but even they aren’t the draw. Everest’s achievement is the interstitials where it gives you a photo-realistic vision of different parts of the great mountain itself. Panoramic, 360 degree views along with gorgeous music take you to a place that the vast majority of us will never be. Looking underneath yourself at one of nature’s marvels is breathtaking and would have none of the visceral appeal as just a picture on a desktop.

It’s a beautiful use of VR, and one that isn’t designed with teenage boys as the demographic. With a relatively short playtime, it’s perfect for playing at a VR arcade, like we have here at Enigma HQ!