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Why Virtual Reality?

When I first played Virtual Reality (shortened to VR) I was pretty unimpressed. Playing on a friend’s phone, with a splitter to generate bifocal vision, it was not the hopes and dreams found in many 90’s movies. Instead it gave me vertigo and a desire to never do that again.

Fast forward a few short years, and we’ve expanded at our new location to include Virtual Reality. What changed?

The Vive has a lot to do with it. It’s a top-end headset and due to increase in hardware capability that queasiness feeling is long gone. We use PCs specifically designed to optimize VR and the difference is immense. Many people come to us never having played VR and don'‘t know what to expect, which makes it that much more rewarding to give them their first taste.

When you play a simple experience like Ritchie’s Plank Experience or Everest, the visceral feeling is unbelievably palpable. You truly feel like you are climbing Mt. Everest or walking 70 floors into the sky. We offer the Plank Experience for free, to give people a sense of how cool VR can be.

We’re hoping to draw more people in with free demos of our VR escape room De-Composed which is a natural evolution of the Escape Room concept. You are still finding clues, solving puzzles and trying to escape with a group in a room, but now you are doing it in virtual space. You still see your fellow teammates but now they are spirits trying to escape the clutches of a mad composer. It’s great fun and shows off how the Escape Room space is evolving.

We hope you come in to check it out. It’s free to try, so what are you waiting for?