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Escape Room Parties!

One of the cool things about Escape Rooms is that they are cooperative. This makes it a great choice for parties, like bachelor or bachelorette parties as well as team building events. Here at Enigma HQ, we do have another option, which is to turn it into a “race-room”, where 2 teams compete against each other for the fastest time. Both teams enter their respective rooms at the same time and see which team finishes first.

This is a good option for large groups (over 8 or 9 people.) Most escape rooms aren’t built for groups over this number of people even if they accept bookings for more. It’s hard to have enough stuff for 10 or more people to have all at the same time. 

A few tips for large groups:

  • Do your drinking (or other inebriation) AFTER the escape room. Escape Rooms are fairly mental activities and while being in another state can be fun, it makes it a lot harder to do the escape room and honestly, makes it less fun as well.
  • Consider a driver. It’s more fun to all arrive at the same time. It’s annoying for the party to have everyone ready to play except for a late arrival. Having everyone arrive at the Escape Room and leave together is a much better option. You get to discuss the puzzles and experiences afterward with the group while fresh in your mind. Consider using a service like Party Bus San Diego if you’ve got a big group.
  • Make sure everyone knows what the activity is. The Lazarus Crystal isn’t a particularly scary Escape Room but it has a slightly supernatural theme as well as involving a magic ritual. If you have someone in your group who HATES Harry Potter then maybe this isn’t for them. Some people just find it unsettling to be doing something new or different. If your Escape Room of choice locks you in (or locks you up!) then make sure the group knows that beforehand.
  • Keep it fun. Sometimes in Escape Room races, the teams get a little too competitive and the losing team feels bad that they got beat. While playful competition and teasing is great, make sure not to take it too far, unless your group really enjoys that sort of thing.

Brian Hacker has hosted more bachelor/ette parties than he has been to. He first started as a professional Magic player and went on to become a professional poker player and game designer. In an effort to understand obscure technologies and lose what remaining free time he had, he opened Enigma HQ!