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Some cool news over here at Enigma HQ. 

1 . We are opening a second Lazarus Crystal mission. We're launching April 1st, maybe sooner! We've had a lot of requests for larger groups and this new room will accommodate you! The Lazarus Crystal Room B will fit at least 8 people and will also allow for large groups who want to split into 2 groups to "compete" for the faster time. We've also made a small tweak to increase the difficulty with 8 people. This will allow The Lazarus Crystal to be equally challenging for groups of any size.

2. The second brand new room which we call The Teleportation Project (real name yet to be determined) is proceeding apace. We want everyone to teleport safely, so it's taking longer than we hoped. We're shooting for a late April launch.

3. Some new content coming to the blog soon. Won't spoil what is here though. Gotta have a little anticipation!

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Brian has been in the games industry for over 20 years, first as a professional Magic player. He went on to become a professional poker player and game designer. In an effort to understand obscure technologies and lose what remaining free time he had, he opened Enigma HQ!