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Enigma HQ - An Escape Room with a story

Whether you’re interested in Escape Rooms, Virtual Reality or Virtual Reality Escape rooms, we’ve got it all!

Located in San Diego’s Little Italy and Downtown, Enigma HQ takes the room escape concept to the next level by combining story-based puzzles, cinematic video and effects with immersive physical environments.

Forget all you know about Escape Rooms. Enigma HQ doesn't use traditional lock and safe puzzles. Using state of the art cueing software as well as puzzles integrated into a narrative, Enigma HQ is an Escape Room unlike any other!

We also offer Virtual Reality and a VR Escape Room, De-composed. We are also offering a Team Vs. Team game called The Vault in April 2019 as well a new Escape Room called the Eye of Providence in May 2019.

This video below is an introduction to our world:

Check out this button below to see our Manifesto which contains our design philosophy and what makes Enigma HQ not just another escape room.